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      For more than two centuries, shotgunners have sought to duplicate their field shooting on a controlled range to provide practice for hunting. Trap and skeet are shot from fixed stations and the target trajectory is the same on every regulation range. This encourages a style habitually followed at each station and does little to prepare the shooter for almost infinite variety of target presentations that will be experienced in the field. While Sporting Clays doesn’t exactly imitate field conditions, it does come a lot closer.
      Sporting Clays has been referred to as ‘golf with a shotgun’ and the typical course is designed to replicate the different shooting experiences encountered in the field. This allows the shooter to improve wing shooting techniques and becomeStation 12 05 Cal-Ada much quicker with a shotgun. Here at Bird’s Landing (as at other Sporting Clays facilities) shooting stations are designed with each one presenting a different set of challenges to the shooter. One station, off a bluff, simulates a quail shoot with targets moving so fast that some are even difficult to see. Our ‘Fur and Feathers’ station involves one target flying overhead and the other speeding across the ground on it’s side; mimicking the actions of a bird and a rabbit. Other stations recreate many of the other shooting conditions found in the field. The Bird’s Landing Sporting Clays course is a dynamic facility with target presentations varying from day to day. The speed, angle and the size of the clays can be, and are frequently changed. Traps are moved and even cover and terrain is modified to present ‘new shooting challenges every day’.
      Over time, Sporting Clays has evolved from its beginnings as a form of hunting practice into the popular recreational and competitive activity that it is today. Bird’s Landing is a member of the National Sporting Clays Association and hosts many tournaments and ‘fun shoots’ throughout the year.